You said that you would love me,

no matter what you find

So I opened up my heart and let you take a look inside

You dipped your toe in the water,

then fully submerged yourself

Making me feel safe and loved,

until you needed to be by yourself

I opened up my heart and you tore right through me

But what I still don’t understand

Is how you did it so beautifully


Justice is for all, not for some

Upon first glance everything seems fine

The family looks perfect but ends up in the headlines

The children are crying, holding each other in the frigid winter air

As their father is taken away in handcuffs seeming as though he doesn’t care

My dad was mad again, he had a couple beers

Then he started hitting my mom until there was no more tears

No one had a clue what this family went through

Society failed this family, yes even you

Justice is for all, not for some

Go make me dinner

The house better be clean when I get back from the barber

What did I say women? Only speak when spoken too

You may wonder why some women seem so blue

But if this were the life you lived I think you now have a clue

Women had to fight for years to get suffrage and equal pay

All while under constant torment that led some astray

Justice is for all, not for some

Think of a black man, what comes to your mind?

All these stereotypes making the world blind

A drug dealer, a gangbanger, a criminal for sure

Unless they are a rapper they are most likely poor

After years of oppression blacks are still being held back

Being killed by cops who don’t get as much as a drawback

When will this come to an end?

When will it all stop?

When will justice truly be for all and not just for some?